Corporate Moves and Recycle Scotland

Each time an organisation moves they will be faced with the challenge of emptying the old office and stocking the new one. This may lead to companies having surplus furniture, fittings and equipment. Corporate Moves will collect and dispose of all these items on your behalf as part of the move plan.

But where do these items go and how can you be sure that these items are being disposed of ethically? Corporate Moves work in partnership with Recycle Scotland, an organisation dedicated to reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill. In 1996 the UK Government introduced a Landfill Tax which aimed to encourage waste producers to waste less and reuse more. Since this date attitudes towards landfill have changed significantly and organisations are more aware of their obligations.

Recycle Scotland will collect all of your old furniture, fittings and equipment and where possible will reengineer and reuse the products instead of sending them to landfill. As a business owner this means you can potentially save money and not have to purchase new items.

Where furniture is not in a state to be reused an alternative to landfill may be to give the items to a charity or local community project. Corporate Moves support a number of different charities and projects across Scotland.

In the last year Recycle Scotland have been able to reuse or recycle 98% of items.