Move Management

Move Management

Planning is the key to successful Move management aiming for zero downtime and allowing your staff to remain productive & focus on your business throughout the move process.

Having evolved from a division of Space Solutions, one of the country's leading workplace experts, we share their passion for planning and we are totally committed to making your business relocation seamless.

Everything revolves around the plan. Starting with detailed consultations with your key personnel, through to the appointment of Move Champions for each department within the organisation, the process is documented and checked meticulously. Your tailor-made move schedule is calculated by looking at the best possible sequence, taking into account any dependencies or special requirements.

Full compliance with health and safety legislation is guaranteed, cost analysis is carefully implemented and contingency plans are in place to mitigate any project risk.

Unique to Corporate Moves is Your Move Toolkit which is tailored to your specific requirements and requests. It includes all the documents, drawings, checklists and labels which we have honed through years of experience to ensure every member of your team, and our team, knows exactly what is expected of them and when.

Meticulous planning and regular, clear communication between our Move Manager and your Move Champions gives you full confidence in our team's ability to carry out the move with minimum disruption to your business.