Corporate Moves Checklist Article

Relocating can be daunting and success is dependent on first starting with an effective plan. While some details might seem small, considering these in the first instance will give you a head start, allowing you to stay focused on your business during the actual move. Start to plan early and be prepared for the unexpected, set key dates to achieve tasks by and keep this visible in the office.

With your Move Manager you can begin to identify areas which will disrupted during the move and ensure that there are plans in place to minimise this disruption. This might mean identifying temporary space or moving sections of the business at different times.

Getting specialists in where required will also save you time, money and a potential head ache. By using a Move Manager to coordinate the supply chain you can ensure consistency of service.

In addition to expert help it will be important to appoint people within the organisation to be your move champions. This ensures that any nuances of your organisation are picked up and addressed. Your Move Manager should also consult with the support functions in the organisation such as HR and Marketing.

Consider where you are moving to and what needs to be done there. Relocation is an opportune time to review your space plan and ensure that the new layout is using all the floor area optimally. Having a workplace expert review your space can reduce costs and increase productivity within your workplace.

Finally Corporate Moves have produced a checklist to use in the run up to moving day to ensure that everything has been covered. Click here to download the checklist.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your move please contact Corporate Moves.