When you Get Time to Press the Pause Button

This period has given me something that was unexpected, a chance to pause. In the 7 weeks since 24th March 2020, when the Government provided guidelines regarding lockdown, physical distancing and the need for all non-essential work to stop, I have had time I usually crave, the opportunity to reflect, stop and think, but also to look forward.

So, what have I learnt? It’s biased, but I truly believe it, we deliver a great service, both our Corporate Moves and Recycle Scotland teams. Having the time to go through customer and team feedback has reminded me how I need to make this part of my daily routine.

What else? The power of a conversation, simply just picking up the phone. Over the past 7-weeks, I have had regular chats with our key installation partners and many clients, sharing our challenges and lessons. We are fortunate to have built close working relationships with our customers and suppliers providing a support network to one another. We have so many completed projects that make us proud, but that achievement hasn’t just been down to our team, it’s only been possible via collaboration, shared learnings and continuous improvement initiatives, that benefit us all and help develop our relationships and our staff.

So, looking forward? Well, like us all these past few weeks have been extremely busy as we update, change and improve our Operating Procedures in preparation of returning to work. We now have “new” Standard Operating Procedures, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, additional and mandatory PPE requirements and Hygiene Procedures that ensure we are as prepared as we possibly can be in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses face change at unexpected times, and when this happens we have two options, carry on as we have before, or we can change, react and adapt to how we can continue to deliver an improved level of service and experience for our customers.

But, you know, number one throughout all of this and will always be the safety of all our people and our customers. We are in the process of reconfiguring our offices, warehouses, goods in/ out and how we transport people to and from customer premises. Projects that were postponed because of lockdown are now being rescheduled via conversations with customers.

The pause button has been OK, challenging for the business, but we are good, we are ready for the “new normal” and the “new way of working”. I for one am looking forward to embracing it and working with existing and new customers in the weeks and months ahead.

Drew Carmichael is Director of Corporate Moves. Drew and his team, work with businesses in Scotland and the UK, to deliver business relocation, workplace furniture installation and internal moves.  You can contact Drew and the team at Drew.Carmichael@corporate-moves.com