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Business as usual: How lockdown brought me closer to my clients

The shops are opening back up. Indoor dining is allowed. You can go to the gym again. What a wild, challenging, and (often) painful year it’s been.

  • Date: 10th June 2021
  • Author: Louise Williamson

We’ve stayed up and running for most of the pandemic, being fully operational since it has been safe to do so. It’s been great continuing to support organisations with their relocations and office reconfiguration projects over these past 12 months or so. I am proud of how our team has adapted to the change that no-one could have seen coming.

It’s really just been business as usual. We’ve had to update our operating procedures to include Covid-19 and work around protocols. But I’ve realised I’m spending more time with my clients and can really spend quality time helping them plan their moves and figure out how to get people back to the workplace. 

We’ve been able to continue with relocations, clearances, and installation jobs while our clients’ workforces have gone remote. (We’ve even assisted some clients with the delivery and collection of home office furniture to keep their staff comfortably working from home.)  

My team has been able to scope and price jobs via virtual meetings or over the phone while site visits weren’t allowed. Now, we do a mix of virtual and face-to-face appointments to help determine the scope of a job.  

I sometimes miss the in-person interaction, but I appreciate that we’ve been able to develop an additional method of delivering service. This new mix means we can tailor our experience to a particular client even more than we could before. Most importantly, we’ve never lost our opportunity to speak to clients and help support them with pre-move activity.   

We’re here to make the change as painless as possible. It’s been a mad world out there, but getting back to the office and/or figuring out what to do with your furniture shouldn’t be. Contact us or email me, and we’ll help you get back to work.